Dr. Diane 

Sarasota Chiropractor

Sarasota Chiropractor Dr. Diane Stewart is a holistic chiropractor who addresses you as a unique individual to allow you to achieve your fullest potential. She utilizes many different hands on techniques including chiropractic, cold laser, infratonic and Chi, and micro-current therapies, detoxification with far infrared saunas and ionizing footbaths, along with DNA analysis to address the MTHFR and methylation pathways along with the other blockages that are found.

She also uses a 6-step protocol, also known as the Brimhall 6 Steps to Wellness, a comprehensive approach for the whole person addresses structural imbalance, emotional issues, toxicity, nutritional deficiencies, electromagnetic radiation, allergies and sensitivities, TBM, Total Body Modification, CMRT, a technique for organ manipulation, along with numerous other techniques and tools she has acquired over the years to achieve health and wellness.

She is also helping patients address stress and inflammation and the effects it has on health. She uses numerous low force and no force techniques for gentle chiropractic care.

This is not an easy task and takes time and dedication on both my part and yours, but it will be an amazing path. I hope you will join me in this."
"There are so many new programs, treatments and approaches to all of our health issues. This is both wonderful and concerning. Having practiced for 32 years now, I see the need for looking deeper into the cause of the issue and there is nothing as deep that our human genome-microbiome interaction."

She also uses other new and innovative procedures such as Cold Laser, as seen on Dr Oz, couples/family integration, far infrared sauna, energy balance footbaths, sound and light therapy.
Dr. Stewart is especially excited about the Erchonia cold laser to treat injuries and disorders. I have seen these lasers strengthen reflexes and muscles, increase range of motion and reduce pain. I have used it successfully to reduce inflammation, pain, and swelling and help in healing burn victims and post surgical recovery. The state of the art Lasers from Erchonia and the Energy Balancing Ion Therapy enhance all my treatments significantly.' She calls her technique Lyte 2 Touch, since she uses laser light and light force adjusting techniques.

Yours in Health,

Dr. Diane Stewart