The Doctor

Dr. Diane Stewart ChiropractorDr. Diane Stewart, D.C.

I had my first experience with chiropractic when I was 22 years old. I was working part time as a cashier and started to get dizzy whenever I moved my head! My coworkers suggested I see a chiropractor. Fortunately for me, I agreed.

During that first visit, when I first lay down on the table, the room started spinning, and I felt sick. My problem was really getting worse. But after one treatment, the spinning stopped.

That was my first WOW moment!!

I continued care with great results, diminishment of severe headaches and terrible leg pain that I had suffered with since I was about 5 years old. Another WOW!

One day while waiting to see the chiropractor, I saw a sign stating the difference between the prerequisites for Chiropractic school and Medical school. To my delight, I had all of them! You see, I had always wanted to do something to help people but being an MD was not an option, (the thought of suturing or giving an injection was totally undoable for me). So I finally found something that I believed in that would allow me to help all those lives that I touch!

My journey began.

My WOW moments continued throughout my career. The changes that I see in patients’ lives continue to amaze me. I continued to seek a more comprehensive understanding for treating and helping my patients regain their health.

A major WOW came with helping my mom recover from the devastating effects of a stroke. Along with adjustments, I utilized electric stim protocols, and numerous other treatments, lasering her brain and making remarkable gains with EB Pro, energizing her cells and allowing her body to release the toxins that had prevented further recovery.

I overcame my own severe allergies to animals to help my assistant’s horse. Another WOW! Learning animal chiropractic also led to so many WOW moments and incredibly rewarding work helping so many animals, from arthritic and paralyzed dogs, ailing cats, to lame horses.

Over the 30 years I have been in practice I have treated thousands of patients with what I call alternative chiropractic. I evaluate the spine and skeletal structure, including all joints. I have an adjusting protocol for the organs too. I educate my patients on nutrition, not just adding supplements, but helping make better food choices to nourish the body and to reduce inflammation. I have toxin protocol, including heavy metal removal. Allergies can be improved. Cold laser therapy continues to aid in almost all care, speeding up the healing process.

My treatments protocols are ever changing with new information and treatments I find essential to change the course of one’s life and health.

I continue to seek the WOW moments.

These are the moments that lead to health and amazing results.